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tv   Night Grooves  Deutsche Welle  April 7, 2019 4:15am-5:00am CEST

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between the muslims and the christian population. lasts five o'clock you like the city such a president to tears his response was. i. will never again look. after. the reconquest turned into tragedy. this is not the kind of freedom that we want. how did we become a gateway to islamist terror i think the same sorry can't any more sitting as the result of an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the sun. starts a paper lives on g.w. . hello and good evening i'm looking forward to the legendary showed tonight three
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legendary mrs john r. so tonight chris thumps on the powerful lead singer off manfredo mans earth band and the brothers from fury in this lot also became two legends on the german music scene at the end of the one nine hundred eighty s. during that time people were used to songs in german but the brothers went against the flow and started to sing their songs of english crazy idea. of. using talk to me. welcome to proofs of the. unique. press. so my nerve all give us an. you know now that was
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a lesson that doesn't. work in an on blue ball or let's examine your present thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you so much for course. official it's nearly seven you know as if we missed said they have here also right now occurring here and saw get through this and software content just noisy and. well i was born in england but my father immigrated to new zealand with all of us when i was five ok grew up there. and you want to know if he learned from cracked or has pretty much summed up hunger that. well not really because i was traveling the world to get to new zealand. so it's always taught us about god and i tried to make me come back as well we came back to england. and then went back to new zealand again so i was on the sea for six weeks
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five weeks six weeks it's not to dismiss schiff think it's in fluke the men's you want to call this my noisy. device that's an extreme by tough lucas i'm not sure if it's the sound of a long flight the longer on the. crazy stuff to. do you do you do you. feel. the
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areas. that you and the just so. you. feel we have to let. me see. something. illegal. live. live. live elin.
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live. live. live. live. live. live. live. live. live. live. live. live. live.
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live. live. live. live. live live. live . live. live. thank you. thank you this is a myth that fits men. and. citizens.
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well i answered and advertisement and melody maker we said. if i can remember it said band with a record deal need lead singer guitarist no time wasters it said ok and i went and well i had to take the tape down to i didn't know it was my from as a band i didn't know it's all i was a big man for man fan i saw them when they came to new zealand i think on his sixty year sixty six or something like that so i was a big fan i didn't know it was him i took my cassette and they called me up and said come down for kind of an addition around the piano with my foot which is not afaik out on a phenomenon no no no he's living in greenwich so ok you know he was there they were being quite successful at the time and from as a man they had a song called joy bringer which was. from their album soul of fire that was doing pretty well so we feel i was in the north of all of us to come into the scene
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monday. also picked. i really don't know i never asked him. no i don't even know whether there was any other thing skipped i think is it that's all i said yeah you know if you just try to want to specify too far. back here yeah not just against our nation's think once the next week yes through. illinois. and we are going to be out of money i could ask you to do anything in then banzai i was torched subsistent this when it's just one of the x. divide would show me sand then find our kind toss come to one of our thank you for if. you.
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were. how you nafta's i knew him off here in the slot i was on the phone to then no one in the civil case elderly and the event i fury what went on that side of it's my one. and. because i thought of should move this is an evil because the let him feel was the side does not offer a sense i mean as an unsigned i'll be opposing not in the event than ten of us present the same as in test the last i don't have it to them is a convoy and on becoming was it from none on this is expanded as on the level of an movie about an investment as an on one of the was under the stars are the. because of the tribe was among vs friends and i for one your point is that although my name nine. hundred ninety one of this was when i was i knew i had money i knew it. was right this is the i'm strange that i'm stunned and you can smell something
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that obvious and also that i said john. i was it's a model and looking at some of it on my side and i made it came as i was going to put him on a c. also to see about of his that have divided his arms and seville guys and type stuff like. that it's good fell off. and the enemy all this what if i asked all that's passed and then once i got. there. had time to wander.
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around we. were. in a world of bars. we've got. one we've got. maybe a. rainy
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. season. just the man would come in the chancellor coming. we've good luck. steam. was. true she. told. him the slip chancellor. alistair love the chancellor look for a and. and this is a lovely chat on the sleeve flyleaf i am the son handsome. and the slum chancellor. translucence i am
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from the. show larry pablum leave the strong man a man the last two clear sooner than i am. loved see. a and lol. i am still it's. a. lovely. place. i am playing and the i am
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told her i am. i've. forgotten or. are. such. luck. to. you thank you thank you thank you.
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thank you yes. thank you as control. you have pretty much i think i mean i sang in a choir with my dad when when you know in the church choir and. yeah and then somebody gave me a banjo lately which is like a ukulele but with a round. him and yeah when i was about nine so i just started playing that we've been asked about this not his but we'll finish. so i see a lot of us well i think yeah kind of just happened yeah but also well i went looking for it as well i mean what i wanted to do with school was get a bag and get going you know be famous i mean that's what we all think that's what we all did when. i don't look on. really big on
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headers and if i shun atom i mean. most an instrumental element charmant are not the most instrumental in this vote again it's of year round about plenty of evidence to tell or had been just about an artist in a string up on the country minix effort of the game and i was just a child i'm sure listings diversity programs was a notice to get in on that i was looking on this front and it wouldn't get done everything else is equal to what i was facing and dynamic not because on the core does a hockey a lot of the various news would be starting with the college players and then. it's a matter of the staff wander in and harmlessly pan over was coming on to these and i'm gone in a minute as i'm so it was a good living in a clinical setting feel the mid-continent off limits and clannish lots of machine and i get this and so i meter on venti and then any disc or gun launches of it so i was given a case to be one of us and i was looking down on how much it could matter another the songs are going to go on to my aunt's pretty i mean yes and does as our demo to
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give a spa services i mean i would always it's about chris. thank you. let me have the pleasure to. speak. with. god. you. then but i'm. a stand still buying some soldier i'm. sure i'll stand on the sole. way out of this fight. common buying us some i'm out buying. time to
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come i'm on track she says where she. came for go on octane so. you know you. run. on shame for your. father shame. came. upon him funky for you. jane. came for you thank you thank you. thank you. for your loving.
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from. chris just muscling the money have to be you know this. i don't have a day off right to say i wish i did but if i did have a day off then i'd probably sit on the couch and fully what i do or do some gardening or something like that gardening yeah. that's my passion my other passion is yeah i've got a laptop i suppose and gotten death threats he and i no no. no i don't have a logic on have a small garden. lot of my things are in pots this is good news and the. well i used to try he used to try and grow tomatoes which is
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a very difficult thing to do but i go cripes yeah and i grew. up and i grow but also i got my gob old or young girl hoops and. now my wife cooks i just grow there. and cut them for. you know i don't i'm not a good cook she's a good cook i'm not a good cook. she makes a crumble for me. and said thank. you and you know i have to buy the nuts to you i've got an eleven year old and nine year old and so we do stuff together they play we play which are played together as much as we can and they sing all the time dance around so there's plenty of stuff to do . and then. you can justify took yeah. well i hope i can pass something on to them yes but the little one plays drums she
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really enjoys i can she likes a lot of noise so best guys crazy like that and the other ones playing some piano and they do a rock camp every year with the local music shop and you know i think i think i don't think they realize how much work is entailed in in actually doing it professionally so a lot of work i mean it's a lot of fun but it is a lot of work because it is it and you know traveling a lot a lot of things like that i don't think they realize how much after practice i try to get them to practice as much as i can but i don't well you know hopefully they will do something but i'm not going to you know look at me too upset if they don't find something else i'm sure as long as they can find a passion for something in life that's what you need to think. that you know full stop just ask not this conclusion but it i love it isn't just what he believes ecology could not a bad man i do think for us emily i'm going to i'm going to tell users i thought
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their minds want to mess with us lotsa i'll tell you. there's a lot of good as well as i got money when it was a matter going to have your loughner was lowered as a matter of when he had one of those and that's none of it's you know but it went against was a fun thing she was. descended from was much rarer and i don't want to. diminish it was it really isn't dynamite is it in a government or not and. that's one of the songs that's fast and i'm thirty seconds to mars and what this is was i don't history was a. get under your feet a sister of a sitting and steve miller of. color play on. you know issue for to observe when he doesn't feel as normally as a minimum mumford and sons would taste are very good example. enough but if you don't but you know that can be done up on you know about this is
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the sense you want to use an awful familiar. commercial mommy i'm all for them i don't much ironic just him it could be a he would have a new fight yeah on the undoubted comes that's. i and rummy's and for him to studios and deb is itself an in-law and you thought i'd want to fight as one but i'm often a much including yvonne on to. see if one and any advice my daughter and i'm ones on the form that i'm yawns on the phone into another one. lady did. but is sputum a few loitered on of the guns very forgot is the one i knew sickening songs initially doesn't i don't as i say i'm in paris. does a settlement that's been a step women go because all located in the blitz and in the best when the police can find them and vans and stuff it in front of the best of a common law but auburn. small provincial town and you can you call on them hot off the party you know play songs with dispute quite a few for this meeting and begin the next night the how more complex you. arrive
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you. but even before chris. and consumer do get him off the biggest in the list. if. it's got the money that well i always wanted to play with a wreath of franklin. i didn't get to do that i got to sit with her outside the studio and talk to her and play one of my songs she was looking for a song i played on a muslim so that was it but well i mean i was you know i got favorites you know i was lucky enough to sing on a couple of things that joe cocker when he was playing and he was one of my heroes so i was very lucky to to do that and i'm. yeah i sang with the doobie brothers became friends of mine so when i actually liked it and i did some stuff for the hilton sang with tina turner. it's enough. that i missed out on a really good saw what not. to complement did to some give isn't it just passed the
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muzzle. flash. and it was in the sense he did say that's a young woman with fans with fans well i mean if it wasn't for the fans we wouldn't be doing anything really would be i think. what amazes me and you ask the question about american and german audiences well i mean i've played a lot of american played an awful lot in germany and i think in a lot of ways it's very powerful parallel because they're both really passionate about who they like and i think there are a lot of people who owe their careers to the german fans in germany a lot of them i think joe cocker can resurrect this pretty in a turn also reza because the german people would stick by them and it always amazes
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me when when i go out and play and there's people that come to see you and you know you walk onto the stage and they they clap and cheer and everything like that and then they sing along with the songs and that always touches me always touches me when people sing along with you with a voice you know that that and you look at them and the singing with so much passion it's a whole you know the whole thing in that with blinded my cheek when you know they sing with everything they've got and it really astounds me that people do that and you know i think in germany they really know what they want and what they like and they'll go out and see it and i think it's fantastic really to we're lucky we were lucky to have fans now we're going to listen to. chris thompson wing father blinded by the light and gone but. the light. red like.
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black. with the d.n.a. . and you. just do the grand. in the. black and should. like it.
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one. of those.
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that i imagine a. lot of the good times and was spent on a budget that's not. will have. professional. thomas' music it's a. rodway. well actually it's not so much a dream it's something i've been working on for. since to the year two thousand working with the story. recording music and i'm pretty close to finishing the music twenty four songs and. i've been writing the
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music with quite a few people but the lyrics because you asked before about lyrics they're the things that i found difficult so i found out by pure chance of my wife is a very good lyricist because every time i got stuck on something i'd go into the house i said look i can't figure this out what do you think she'd come back half an hour with you know two or three lines were perfect did i tell you what get out of the kitchen come into the studio and we'll work together so we've been writing the lyrics together and music with the a lot by myself and with a couple of other people and we're close we've been writing the script as well so over the last hundred music musky it's not sorry it would have. the musical about well mentions united. well it's about it's about a music box and this music box will grant
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a wish. and it's about the wish because you have to be careful what you wish for and. it you know magic can be. two sided it can be great but it can also be not so good and this is this is a story about a wish and what happens on musicality but homes are just last month even to add on the monthly income but it's only the other day i got it on those of you who has got on this for those i want for. your social programs just. under the norm was a strong showing to us in this country since when my mom doesn't even on television . look me. in fury some enough guy says john that isn't good for spawn ya get. out of him you should see the crisis wasn't going to mean to abandon business. if you don't if he's buddies. yeah it's funny you might have been like i'm struggling schoonover going to. be going. i was myself.
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the management of it all for the community you know this is never done such here. either. anything to them. but also you know now i'm being told that it. was just a beer and talking everything up. then he saw the internet. and there was this just what. this is. some people are canceling it on the night because it wasn't it was unknown to us of mine interest as we did for a national. sense and i'm no new miss paltrow to push this after what i did as a human if i didn't come here to the size of your other country their presence in the first place. because he was on some of the knobs
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on this number have been essentially go to. the central guy here. comes has the facts. good movie on a. sunday afternoon the biggest event of them is the singing about them and i do a lot of the bald. guy that i was most i have a new one on of us guns going oh there's a. song. with one of an iceberg of water until a former congresswoman is good from then on to. take over and it's quite a month old turn to. get a cowboy. the size of a cowboy and. that was because. ladies and gentlemen we are now alison still hey cowboy you.
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must do.
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live . live
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live. live. live live. live. live our lives. recently you.
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had the money i guess how often songs. sure to do it. doesn't. but i think it's been the. the thing for us and for them as they have been in the us i have a governess and this is ha ha ha ha and is this who got them that's not a fan of this and others knew about this because he says i'm stuck on the banks gaffer tape lifetimes well i'm of i don't speak guns i was a lot more than i said. commandos a book or two of those are going to work and that's about this what it was woman of according to you very schematic and sass it up. sticks the game one of the olive garden and one of. them i think so and in three of them them it's kind of fun. good to have someone else was wonderfully schefter for planck's the guns got to my
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feet is what it wants out of i was there for the last x. on trying to get a percentage of our fun that puts i a very divergent an easterner i did them with such auditions and on to for government at about one bank of one yeah because i know i'm going to trap a lot of. well you have a turn of that woman's water monitor one strong six ball because as well as i can as i have learned is water and an organ harvesting frontal i mean he took up a bit of winter. and as i show on. the first listen into their classes didn't you for both of them on t.v. to get out of this gator. the amish. computer you've got on with. the book to know court's attention easy. to dismiss and ours as a couple you found many. out. here on your side it went on. and turns out to veterans always going to see images which goes even further and
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that's a shocking but is happy and he for him again in spite of what he has been it's you know i don't. want to lose you also that i was going after him. i'm pretty sure that's the last of the food i think of it i thought he was hearing a lot of innocence which was necessary to a different reason than life or does he can answer for that. chris has also mind because from this of the biggest on the bank about five. oh no i haven't rob the bank with the toilet thought about it a couple of times when i was younger but. no i've been i've been pretty lucky i haven't injured myself i mean i think a full load over a couple times trying to be you know what you know when you're in those rock n roll days when you stuck your foot up on the monitor you know. like that. you have to think about it apart from that no not really going to. come into. the.
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movie that wasn't. if you have. a boy do we need. to. define let's hang the cards i'm looking forward to this it's how you can vs what you got. out of them so i don't drive so i and so i was. thank you should we have for august because another song yeah yes the last day let's enjoy holdouts again chris we got born in.
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the. live better. lives. live. live. live in the. chilly. chilly.
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chilly. air. a little. colorful but to. live. plz. plz.
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about this. elite. elite in. atlanta. the luxury on the rests in a studio can pay a. person moves out a new version of the client just since entering the next generation of the mazda three with new engines for the low emissions driving flip side and thirty minutes on d. w. . takes it personally it's
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a wonderful people and stories that are so special that you're waiting. for. the. sixty minutes w. . when the water starts rising people fight for survival in any case and i get it but if i get one there's a flood of water comes up to our waist good clothes fast food everyone me. but a lack of water he's equally dangerous. people move south
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so they can plant crops and find food. floods and droughts will climate change become the main driver of mass migration you can write any kind of peace not if you want and probably more. the climate exodus starts thirty s. on t w. the united nations security council has called on the militia closing in on the libyan capital tripoli to halt its advance it's commanded by. an eastern libya based warlord who's in a post struggle with the un backed government in tripoli libya has been riven by violence since moammar gadhafi was overthrown in two thousand and eleven.


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